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Rules, Regulations, and Stuff.

So here is a break down of simple rules to follow;

• Stay On-topic - within the post and/or comments!
• No Self-promotion - do not post your blog link!
• Choose Your (Curse) Words Wisely - if you curse, it automatically get's banned, I have to approve 
• Don’t Be a wise guy  - be considerate of others.
• Don’t Copy and Paste - this is plagiarism....or self promotion if it's from your blog. 
• English Only - currently the only language supported, sorry.

So let's get in depth with actual posts for A.B.L.E

1. Choose a topic and dedicate yourself to it. Choose examples, explain why you chose a job topic and get us into the topic. This channel is to have discussions about jobs, if you don't engage, ask questions it doesn't leave any room for a discussion. The more you share with us, the more we will share with you.

2. Do not copy and paste from your blog or someone else's blog/news source. This is an outlet for self expression, tell us what you are interested in and why! Tell us how it makes you feel. Give us a topic that makes us think.

3. If you don't agree with another members answer or response, do not, I repeat, DO NOT start an argument within the comments section. Everyone is allowed an opinion, it does not make you nor them any less of a person. Be mindful of what you say and respect those opinions. This is a place for sharing, not judging.

4. Have fun. This channel is about jobs everything about jobs. Putting stress and hate on something that releases stress and makes you feel happy, is not something that belongs on this channel. Try to come on here with an open mind, and ear plugs!

Please contact us  if you ever need any further assistance when posting!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment!
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Thank you all so much.

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