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    General Questions


    What type of placements A.B.L.E Inc., provides?

    A.B.L.E Inc., places Live In/Live Out| Permanent | Full Time and Part Time Placements.


    Who pays the candidate's salary?

    Candidate’s salaries are paid directly by the employer and agreed upon when the candidate accepts the position.


    Works Days / Work Hours

    A.B.L.E Inc., places candidates on part time or full time jobs and the hours are set by each individual family.


    Length of Employment

    All of our permanent candidates are looking for long term positions.


    Where do you find most of your clients?

    Most of our clients are referred to us by word of mouth from their friends and family.


    Is your personal information kept confidential?

    A.B.L.E Inc., does not sell our databases to anyone. All information is kept confidential. Our website is fully secure and all information transmitted is protected using the most current 128-bit encryption and security utilizing Secure Socket Layers.


    How your service placement agent’s selects which candidate is the right fit for the position?

    We devote a lot of time screening every candidate. We have a large pool of candidates and we receive many calls and emails from applicants wishing to apply, however we only a select only the most qualified candidates and few are considered for our jobs.


    Search, selecting and Screeningprocess

    When to begin the search process

    Some candidates seek our help when they are still employed, while others are looking for positions to start immediately. In most cases you should begin your search 2 or 3 weeks in advance, albeit we have an extensive database and it doesn't take long for us to match you with a suitable candidate, to coordinate the interviews between the clients and candidates might take some time due to availability and schedule of both parties.


    How quickly can we find someone?

    Because we have a large database, we are capable of placing someone in your home immediately. Obviously, every client is unique, and some job positions may take longer. We always strive however, to find the most qualified individual that close matches each specific family needs.


    Why should we hire your domestic staffing placement service?

    Because we will do the leg work for you so you don’t have to and you can be assured that we only will send the most qualified candidate for your position. We have the luxury to turn people down. Not because they seek our service we will place them with our clients. They must have certain specific set of experience and qualifications to make into our pool of candidates database.

    Once you become an active client, we search our database for applicants that are within your requirements and job description. Then we will send you all the pertinent information about those candidate that close match your search criteria. If you show interest in interview any of the candidates we referred to you, we will then schedule a personal Interviews between you and the candidates you have possible interest in hiring.


    Finder's fee and employee compensation


    What is your Agency Application Fee?

    Unlike most agencies, A.B.L.E does not charges an application or retainer fee. You have no commitment with us as far the finder's fee unless we introduce you to a suitable candidate, which you elect to employ.


    When are we required to pay a placement fee?

    Once you elect to employ a candidate, a placement fee shall be deemed earned. Please contact A.B.L.E Inc., for detailed placement fee schedule, agency policy and guarantee at (973) 751-9103


    Am I required to pay taxes on the person I hire?

    A.B.L.E inc., is partnered with HomeWork Solution for more information please follow this link:

    HomeWork Solutions, Inc., they specialize in payroll tax information for household employers.


    What are the typical salary ranges for a live in candidate?

    Albeit it varies from candidate to candidate and there are many variants such as your location and experience level of the each prospect job seeker etc., however, as an average Live in salary can range from $500 to as high as $1200 per week.


    What are the typical hourly ranges for a live out candidate?

    Hourly rates among other factors will greatly depend on your location and experience level of the candidate you seek to hire. An average a Live out can range from $15 to $35 per hour.


    Screening Process

    When do the candidates undertake the extensive screening process?

    Once you elect to employ a candidate, the candidate’s screenings are performed so that you have the most recent results. This is also the most cost effective way for us to run our business.


    How long does it take to receive the results of the screening process?

    Typical results are returned within one week. If client request in more comprehensive

     BGC additional fees will apply.


    Where do we recruit our candidates from?

    From the Brazilian/Spanish community. The majority of our candidates are either Brazilian, Spanish ( From Central and South America) and from some European Countries i.e. Italy and Portugal. I am of Brazilian descent and I I belong to the community. I am also a polyglot who can literally speak their language. There is a great level of trust between our service and the candidates we represent. Most of our candidates comes to us through word of mouth. Upon being place with some of the finest family, they recommend their friends and family. A.B.L.E doe s not bring candidates to the US. The candidates we represent are already in the country

    and currently live in the USA. Candidates submit applications Nationwide, which gives us the opportunity to work with individuals who are also willing to relocate to your our area

    from other states.


    Can we check references on a potential candidate?

    Although we contact previous employer to check the candidate’s references, you are welcome to do so as well  if you wish. Additionally, most candidates have written references from former employers who you are more than welcome to contact. Please remember, companies and employers are only required by law to verify dates of employment and wages.


    Hiring our Candidates

    What if the candidate chosen needs to be replaced?

    We offer a free trial and a 3 month guarantee during this time frame we will replace the candidate free of charge as long as your guarantee is still valid and the replacement has the original job description given by the client when they hired our service in order for us to start the replacement process. A.B.L.E Inc., always strive to match you with top quality candidates and we have been successfully make placements with a higher than normal retention rate. We don't want a revolving door. We excel in making long term commitment placements.


    What languages do your candidates speak?

    The majority of our candidates are either bilingual or multilingual. Most of them besides their native language they do speak English fluently or at least enough English for communication. If you should require a candidate a specific language, please mention it in your job description and we will try to accommodate your needs.


    What areas are candidates placed in?

    Most of our placements occurs in the tri-state area. Nonetheless, we also make placements nationwide.


    What experience do your candidates have?

    Each candidate is an individual, as such they will have a wide range and different levels of education and qualifications. We try to choose those that closely matches our client’s job description, list of qualifications and personality traits.


    What is the age range of your candidates?

    We don't discriminate, our candidates range from ages 18-70. Maturity level and degree of responsibility are important factors when choosing a candidate. As long they are willing and capable to perform the job and fit the criteria that the client request they are viable candidates unless proven otherwise.


    Do your candidates drive?

    Most of our live out candidates drive and have their own cars, although some live in candidates may hold a driver’s license they don't own a car and usually a family will provide a car for them to use for work purposes. However, keep in mind that most candidates that opts for live-in more often then not does not drive.


    What benefits should be offered?

    A.B.L.E leaves that to clients discretion, and as a rule each employer have their own individual benefit package. Some packages offered by our clients include some of the following: Paid vacation, sick and personal days, health, life, disability an workers compensation insurances, 401k's, car expenses and insurance. Some employer also may pay for extended education or put the hired employee in their cell phone plan, give end of year bonus etc. But again, each employer is different and may offer individual packages. 


    What information about the candidate is shared prior of the personal interview?

    A.B.L.E shares with our clients the candidate’s education, experience, hobbies, personality traits and work history prior to the interviewing process. All personal information is kept private and confidential until a hire is made.


    NB: additional question not addressed here fell free to contact us directly at 973-751-9103